Anonymous, Assange, WikiLeaks & Serbian media

OperationPayback – sounds pretty scary, right? Well, there is nothing to be afraid of. Why? Because Anonymous aren’t some bunch of criminals.  Oh, no. They are freedom fighters!

Why do I think this? Because they fight for freedom of information over the internet. OperationPayback started 6th December 2010. OP is affiliated with Anonymous. OP organizers focused their attention on DDoS attacks on websites of banks who had withdrawn banking facilities from WikiLeaks at the behest of the USA government, and the arrest of Julian Assange following the US diplomatic cables leak.

Regarding the fact that I strongly support Assange & WikiLeaks, I believe that this operation brings together the fighters for freedom of speech and freedom of the internet in general. As you may know, freedom of speech is our right. I understand that people in Serbia are full of fear and just some of them stands up for freedom of speech.  We do not know what our government does. We do not know how many contracts they signed with the EU, IMF and many others at our peril. Until few days ago they shouted “Kosovo & EU stands together for us”, but after WikiLeaks released a document from embassy in Paris we could see that „BALKANS: SERBS CAN'T WIN IN BOTH KOSOVO AND THE EU". And what we could see in our media? Almost nothing. They just informed us about this leak and politicians said that isn’t quite true. They said that this leak is just Galharague’s opinion and this opinion doesn’t affect our goals. Off course, they treat Assange as enemy (like they treat  Anonymous, too).

They, also, said, few days back (before Assange’s arrest), that they would arrest Assange if he came to Serbia (as if he would ever come to Serbia).

This is just one more proof that our country is not independent – we depend on the will of others, first and foremost on the will of America. And I ask you: what is USA? Self-appointed world policeman? Why the world's media anyone who opposes to US dictatorship calls criminal? Assange is not criminal. WikiLeaks is not criminal organization. Anonymous fights  for free internet. Full stop.

Now, I’ll back to Serbian media. First of all, we do not have enough educated journalists to deal with IT issues. To be precise, we have some great IT magazines here, but journalists who understand IT work only in these magazines. So, daily newspapers are (more or less)hilarious. They usually write some nonsense about Anonymous. They were rushed and quoted a kid who calls himself Coldblooded. Even called him "one of the leaders of the movement OperationPayback”.  Anyway, more or less presentation of Anonymous in Serbia is ridiculous.

Who really Anonimous are and what Operation Payback stands for:


And, now back to Assange. They are trying to stop leaking. They fabricate rape case in Sweden. They see internet as death for politics and politicians. They want from us to unquestioningly believe them, do not investigate their actions, they actually want to govern us. They watch us as slaves, as cannon fodder. Does  bunch of stinking politicians has right to tailor the policy of the entire planet? I think they doesn’t. What do you think?

Freedom for Assange!






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